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23.07.2011 - More recipes added - soured milk, tomatoes with cream and walnut cookies.

10.05.2011 - New recipes have been added - schnitzel with cheese, fried squids and bacon omelette.

27.01.2011 - New graphical elements added, in order to improve site navigation.


07.10.2010 - Added new links which lead to descriptions of various types of spices which can be added to certain meals described here.

09.09.2010 - New recipes have been added - from hamburger steaks, hot chocolate to roasted trout. The additional pictures related to these recipes were added too, of course. Many new recipes will be added soon.


17.07.2010 - The following recipes (together with pictures) have been added: fried meat sticks, breaded squids.

23.04.2010 - Recipes related to french salad and fried eggs have also been added, together with pictures.

10.01.2010 - New recipes added: Boiled eggs, cheese cones and cheese with salami. The additional pictures related to these recipes were added too, of course. We hope you will like them :)

18.11.2009 - New recipes added: Meat filled cabbage, meat filled peppers, fried sardines, roasted hake and breaded meat sausages, with related pictures added as well. Also, some minor errors were fixed.

30.10.2009 - New recipes and pictures added. Also, we added a new email submission feature. If you would like to recieve a notice when new content is placed online, you can send us your email address.

13.10.2009 - New pictures added to existing recipes.

12.10.2009 - The site is placed online. Still some pictures that need to be added to existing recipes. There are still many more recipes that will be added with time, so visit us again soon.


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