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Common mistakes

There is a number of mistakes that people usually make. Already the attitude one haves towards life and health has a big impact, and that should already in the beginning be resolved by each person alone. It is important to lean to a permanent change, although on this site, the ketogenic diet may seem only as a short-term program, it is actually a guideline towards a new and different kind of life and nutrition, which will leave much more valuable and long-term effects than the ordinary short-term diet. Eventually you will also get rid of a number of unnecessary habits that contribute to weight gain. Eating after you already feel full, eating too much and unnecessary amounts of bread and other foods high in carbohydrates, desserts after meals, juices; all these are only some of the habits which will significantly contribute to weight gain, and I believe most people, who until recently didn't pay much attention to nutrition, have at least one of these habits. By quitting only some of these habits one can already improve noticeably, and if you add to that the introduction of a certain level of diet control and physical activity, success is guaranteed.


As it is already mentioned, one of the most frequent mistakes is too little physical activity. Although this site includes mainly the nutritional part of weight loss, physical activity is an equally important segment, and it should never be avoided.


People with significant amount of excess pounds often claim that they can not get involved in these activities because of the problems related to excessive weight. Although it is understandable that such activities are difficult for these people, it should not present a definite obstacle. For starters, simple activities are also effective, such as rapid walking, swimming or cycling. With time, you can start with running, hiking/climbing, and similar, slightly more demanding sports. After some time that you spend by training, you will acquire the habit of physical activity and find satisfaction in sports. After that moment, you will hardly ever stop to practice physical activities.


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