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Cooked green beans

ketogenic diet - cooked green beans

Cooked green beans

Green beans, onions, salt


First clean the green beans (about 500 grams) and cut them into smaller pieces. Then chop one smaller onion and put it in a pan to which you previously added some oil. Fry the onion for 5 minutes on low heat and then add green beans that were previously washed in cold water. Stew for about 5 minutes, then add salt. After that, add enough water to cover all the beans. Than leave it over low heat for about 30 minutes and eventually add more water if needed. During cooking, add salt and eventualy other spices. When the beans are soft enough for your taste, the meal is done.

Small amounts of the following natural spices can be added to this meal: common heather. One can also add a small amount of certain dried mushrooms, such as: Craterellus cornucopioides, Boletus aereus, Boletus edulis, Morchella esculenta.


Nutritional information (per 100 grams):

Green beans - kcal 33 - carbohydrates 7 - protein 2 - fat 1

Total carbs (per 100 grams of the described meal): ~7 grams


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