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Hot chocolate

ketogenic diet - hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

Milk, cocoa powder, cooking chocolate (without sugar)


Place arount 250 ml of milk in a smaller saucepan and bring it to a simmer over medium heat. After that, stop heating the milk and set it aside. In the meanwhile take the cocoa powder (around 10 grams) and place it in a small heatproof bowl. Add around 50 ml of the warm milk and stir until you get a smooth paste. After that, the remaining warm milk is placed again over low heat in a saucepan. To it, the cocoa paste and around 20 grams of dark cooking chocolate (without sugar) is added. The mixture is heated for another 5 minutes and stirred well, until all the chocolate melts. When that happens, your hot chocolate is ready and can be poured into cups.


Nutritional information (per 100 grams):

Milk - kcal 66 - carbohydrates 4 - protein 3 - fat 3
Cooking chocolate (without sugar) - kcal 312 - carbohydrates 0 - protein 14 - fat 28

Total carbs (per 100 grams of the described meal): ~4 grams


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