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Excessive weight is one of the most common problems of the modern civilization. An increasing proportion of regular jobs require very little or almost no physical activity, and in most cases people don't have nutritional habits in accordance with this way of life, and therefore accumulation of unnecessary weight is often the result. A common problem is also a large number of bad habits, which many people don't even realize they have. However, by reading these pages about ketogenic diet, you will probably encounter at least a few habits that you did't know they had such a big impact on your body.


Excess weight can also be the cause of many diseases and disorders. Some of these diseases are heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, and even some types of cancer. It is logical to conclude, if you are „deeper“ in the excessive weight zone, it is more likely that some diseases could occur. Unfortunately, people that have much excessive weight require a higher level of motivation and willingness to change, because the results don't come overnight and a certain level of persistence is needed for success.


After initial problems of getting used to a new lifestyle and diet, the benefits of the ketogenic diet will come soon enough, and almost certainly, when first visible results occur, you will be quite happy and satisfied because of the decision you made, about changing your lifestyle.


The diagram shown above can help you to approximately determine the area in which you are. If you are in the red zone, you should immidiately start working on your condition, if you are in the orange field, you should start with preventive actions to avoid getting any more excessive weight.


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