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Here you can find recipes suitable for the ketogenic diet. Often and easily one can find recipes that involve ingredients that I doubt every household holds, except if there is a specific need for these ingredient(s). Therefore, emphasis is placed on simplicity, availability and low cost of all ingredients used in the ketogenic recipes described here. As you'll notice, almost all the dishes that are described are rich in proteins and therefore the benefits of the ketogenic diet are interesting both for athletes and body builders, since this diet helps lose body fat, while keeping the protein intake still relatively high.


As you can see, the ketogenic diet is based on four main ingredients: meat, fish, eggs and cheese, and the recipes are classified in this order on the menu. In addition, there are also various salads and other dishes made of vegetables, and sweets that you can occasionally enjoy, because the ketogenic diet is based mostly on salted food. I hope you enjoy the recipes, and generally find use of this effective diet.


So far there are still many more recipes to be added, so don't forget to visit us again soon to check for updates.


1. Meals based on meat

2. Meals based on fish

3. Meals based on eggs

4. Meals based on cheese

5. Vegetables

6. Sweets

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