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Roasted trout

ketogenic diet - roasted trout

Roasted trout

Trout, salt, flour, oil


Take two pre-cleaned trouts (in our case, they weigh about 1/2 kg), salt them and let them soak in salt for about half an hour. After that, roll them into flour and put them in a baking pan, to which a small amount of oil was added. After that, they are baked for about 20 minutes on a temperature between 150°C and 200°C.

Small amounts of the following natural spices can be added to this meal: sage.


Nutritional information (per 100 grams):

Trout - kcal 110 - carbohydrates 0 - protein 20 - fat 2

Total carbs (per 100 grams of the described meal): ~0 grams


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